AIITC's PHP & MySQL with MVC framework, will introduce attendees to PHP, MySQL and CakePHP MVC framework. The course will cover aspects of how to use PHP, MySQL along with CakePHP MVC framework to create powerful and easy to maintain database driven websites. The course will also cover Installation & Configuration of PHP, MySQL and CakePHP. Attendees will also get to implement one project towards the end of the course.

Course Objectives
After the completion of the 'PHP & MySQL with MVC Framework' Course at AIITC, you should be able to: −

  1. Understand the basics of the Web Technology
  2. Learn all major concepts of PHP and MySQL that beginner developers need to master.
  3. Learn all major concepts of MVC architecture in general and it advantages over conventional web development methods.
  4. Round off your application development skills by understanding how to implement PHP on a website using MVC framework.
  5. Gain the PHP programming skills needed to successfully build interactive, data-driven sites
  6. Create forms easily using helper functions and work with form data
  7. Use cookies and sessions with helper functions
  8. Work with regular expressions, handle exceptions, and validate data
  9. Work with PHP text mails and HTML emails
  10. How to use and create functions
  11. Object oriented concepts
  12. Uploading files to server
  13. Manipulate system files
  14. Able to architect, write, debug, and run complete web applications
  15. Test and debug a PHP application
  16. Become a proficient PHP/MySQL web developer using MVC architecture.

1. PHP Basics and Conditional Logic

Topics - PHP introduction, Environment setup in different platforms, Script syntax, How to declare variable and data types, Constants, Arrays, Strings, Web concepts, Decision making statements, loop types, operators, Annie’s Quizzes, LAB, Q & A and Quick Recap.

2. Functions and Error Handling

Topics - What is Functions , Creating PHP functions, PHP functions with parameters, Argument by reference, setting default values for function parameters, dynamic function calls, PHP mails, how to send text mail, how to send html emails , how to send attachments with emails, regular expressions, POSIX regular expressions, predefined character ranges, Regexp POSIX functions, PERL style regular expressions, Regexp PERL compatible functions, Date and time functions,Built-in functions, file inclusion, file manipulations, exception handling, bugs debugging, Annie’s Quizzes, LAB, Q & A and Quick Recap.

3. Object Oriented Programming

Topics - What is Object Oriented Concepts, Defining classes, Creating Objects, Member functions, Constructor and Destructor, Inheritance, Function overriding, Access Specifiers- private, public and protected members, Interfaces, Constants, Abstract Classes, Static keyword, Final keyword, calling parent constructors, Annie’s Quizzes, LAB, Q & A and Quick Recap.

4. MySQL Installation and Basics

Topics - Database Introduction, MySQL installation on various platforms, MySQL connection, Database creation, Database Manipulations- Add, Edit, Retrieve and Delete. Table creation and table manipulations- Add Edit, Retrieve and Delete Annie’s Quizzes, LAB, Q & A and Quick Recap.

5. Advance Queries and Data Manipulation using PHP

Topics- LIKE clause, Sorting, Joins, Handling NULL Values, Regular Expressions, Transactions, ALTER Command, Indexes, Temporary Tables, Clone Tables, Database, Information, Sequences, Handling Duplicates, SQL Injections, Select, insert, update and delete using PHP script, Annie’s Quizzes, Q & A,Quick Recap.

6. MVC Infrastructure Basics & Introduction to CakePHP

Topics - Introduction to MVC, What are Model-View-Controller, Why use framework in the project (conventional vs. MVC project), Installation of CakePHP, CakePHP folder structure, File naming conventions, Important config file (core.php, database.php), Annie’s Quizzes, Q & A, Quick Recap.

7. CakePHP Controller, Views and Layout

Topics - Application flow - How Controller and view interacts/ exchanges data, What are CakePHP helpers?, Most commonly used helpers like Form, HTML, Session, Cookie etc, Create a controller and how URLs mapped to controller and views, Create views and layouts, Annie’s Quizzes, Q & A, Quick Recap.

8. Models and Database Interaction in CakePHP

Topics - Models: What are models and how they interact with database?, Accessing and manipulating table data using find, save, update methods of the model, Joining tables, conditions, conditions other than =(LIKE, BETWEEN,), order by in CakePHP models, Change database dynamically using the definitions in database.php config file, Annie’s Quizzes, Q & A, Quick Recap.

9. Creating Dynamic Forms using CakePHP Html Helpers

Topics - Introduction to basic html form, get, post methods, Generate form elements like input boxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, and links using CakePHP html helper, Form validation using Model validation definitions, Create, retrieve and delete cookies, Create, retrieve and delete session variables, File handling in CakePHP (create, delete, read files), CakePHP Global variables and their use, Annie’s Quizzes, Q & A, Quick Recap

Certification Process

After completion of the course we will provide you a course completion certificate.