This .Net Training course provides an exhaustive coverage of .NET framework and ASP.NET technology features like ASP.NET Architecture, State Management, Master pages, User & Custom Controls and Data Access, Authentication and Authorization, Navigation, Web Configuration, Health Monitoring, Instrumentation, Web Services, AJAX and Deployment.


  1. Create a rich GUI for web based applications using a rich set of controls
  2. Create secure (authentication and authorization) web applications
  3. Personalize a web page using Web Parts
  4. Create asynchronous web applications using ASP.NET AJAX
  5. Create and use web services
  6. Deploy web applications

  1. Introductions, course mechanics, .NET Overview, CLR, Assemblies (monolithic vs. component-based applications), Execution Model, Client-Side vs. Server-Side Programming, Web Technologies
  2. HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, OpenDesigns, Introduction to C#: Types and program structure
  3. Development Environment Setup, ISS, SQL Server and Visual Studio, Advanced C#: OOP, Delegates, Events, Attributes, unsafe code, .NET Interop
  4. .NET Framework Class Library (FCL): System, Collections, I/O, Networking, Threading, Transactions, Exceptions
  5. Databases and Data Access using ADO.NET & LINQ
  6. Introduction to ASP.NET, programming model, server controls, data binding
  7. ASP.NET state management, tracing, caching, error handling, security, deployment, user and custom controls, DotNetNuke
  8. Exposing and consuming ASP.NET Web Services, XML, RESTful, SOAP, DISCO, UDDI

Certification Process

Candidate will get a course completion certificate after completing the course.